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If men’s kindnesses toward women were really only kindnesses, a man would be pleased if another man or woman offered these kindnesses to him. He would be pleased if another man or woman lit his cigarette or pulled out his chair for him. He would be pleased to derive his income, prestige, power and even his identity from his partner. He would take pride in another man’s or woman’s offer to walk him to his car at night. But in fact, “one of the very nasty things that can happen to a man is his being treated or seen as a woman, or womanlike.
(Frye 1983, p. 136).”

Dee L.R. Graham (1995), Loving to Survive

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Yeah!  This reality hit me a few months ago when a teenage boy at work said to another teenage boy, “ladies first!” in order to insult him.  Chivalry is not about respect or kindness.

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Do you ever have a problem where you just don’t know how to reply to an argument, not because you don’t know the answer, but you just don’t know where to begin? Like, the foundation of knowledge you’d need to impart to this person before you could even begin to drag them out of their sinkhole of ignorance would cost thousands of dollars if it were coming from a university?


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marcooh9 asked:

no sympathy for people who cut. no sympathy for people with eating disorders. no sympathy for people who hate themselves. no sympathy for people who kill themselves. No exuses. because mental illness don't controll the way you act or behave



Did you just compare rape to self injury and try to use that comparison as a means of justifying it?

"mental illness don’t controll the way you act or behave"

marcooh9 obviously has never had to live with a mental illness.

"mental illness don’t controll the way you act or behave"

I hate when people act like their personal gut feels are more correct than decades of study and centuries of observation. “Mental illness doesn’t control the way you act”? That would blow whole swathes of medicine and science out of the water if it were true, so submit your research to some journals and accept your Nobel Prize, or STFU.


yknow when your teacher yells at your entire class for misbehaving even though not all the kids are misbehaving?? the kids who never misbehave realize that the lecture isnt about them and are not offended, while the kids who do misbehave realize it is about them and feel guilty. the lecture is given to the entire class though, because the majority was misbehaving. people should apply this same logic to “heterophobia/cisphobia/reverse racism”

"Not all men are like that!"

If you’re not like that, then we’re not talking about you. Why is this so hard to understand?

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