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Analysis: Over Half of All Statements Made on Fox News Are False | Addicting Info

A new analysis by PunditFact found that of every statement made by a Fox News host or guest, over half of them were flat-out false. What’s more, only a measly 8% could be considered completely “true.”

In other words, a fancy review of hundreds of hours of video confirmed what many who watch Fox News with any regularity already know: Fox News lies. A lot. Like all the time.

Which isn’t to say that exposing Fox News’ irresponsible journalism isn’t an admirable goal. Despite its blatant spin doctoring, Fox still captivates a large portion of the news watching audience. On a near nightly basis, Fox News programs like “The O’Reilly Factor” and “The Kelly File” crush the competition. Given what we know about how poorly Fox informs its viewers, that paints a pretty grim picture for the millions who consume it without question.

As you can see, Fox manages to capture an impressive range between “Mostly False” all the way to “Pants on Fire” while at the same time just 40 percent could be said to be even somewhat true.

Some might argue that all news networks are pretty terrible and with the seemingly endless drivel that comes out of a 24-hour channel it’s a valid point. Luckily, PunditFact looked at a few other major stations as well and while they aren’t bastions of veracity, they at least look like they’re trying.

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Does this surprise anyone?

And of course, the people who most need to know this are incapable of hearing it, because in the Fox Nation worldview, there are only “people who agree with us” and “evil leftist socialist America-hating propaganda”.

At least Jon Stewart won’t run out of material any time soon.




the stupidest thing in the entire harry potter series was when they go down to the slytherin dormitory and it’s all dark and slimy and freezing and shit. as if lucius malfoy would let his son live in squalor like that. the house with the highest concentration of spoiled purebloods are happy to live under the goddamn lake? no.

wow this is the #1 best harry potter criticism i have ever read

Pretty much. I’d expect Slytherin’s dorms to be the most opulent and lavish dorms. Like niggas should be thirsty to be picked for Slytherin because their rooms probably look like some long money type shit.

This is a good in-universe criticism. I also hated it because I’ve spent a lot of time defending the interpretation that Slytherin is not the “evil” house (probably because I keep getting sorted into it). The bad guys tend to cluster there, and of course money can turn people into assholes, but good god, JKR, lrn 2 subtlety.






im really interested in zombie apocalypse media as a projection and extension of young american male craving for power-based survival-of-the-fittest type narratives that celebrate violence and dehumanization of the other

It makes sense: the first Godzilla craze in japan reflected the fear they felt about the danger of nuclear radiation.

I dislike how survival horror used to be a genre stocked with female heroes, where men who couldn’t get along with others died, and now has become the opposite and are fantasies of dudes who don’t like other people to pretend that in a just post-societal world their awesome individuality would be recognized.

#I also always analyzed it that women survived this genre so well #because women are used to being in a world with predators #and men aren’t


Note too that most zombie stuff these days features AT LEAST one scene of “We have to kill the diseased person!” “Well, you’re a dick, but you’re 100% right!”

Yeah, I think a lot of the post-apoc stuff that follows a lone heroic man is a fantasy for the Rugged Individualists and the Randians about how they’ll totally thrive when the rest of the world is suffering.

Also, I see a lot of MRAs (and Randians, though they seem to overlap quite a bit) gloating about how WTSHTF [when the shit hits the fan] or they all go Galt and society collapses, women will come running back to them for protection from the other men (usually the brown ones), and they’re looking forward to saying “no, bitch”. So I think there’s also an element of revenge fantasy in there, too.









This toddler just discovered she can, in fact, hug dogs. And she is fucking proud.



its so cute i’m gonna die

that dog is looking at that child with PURE LOVE

Unless I miss my guess, that dog is in fact a Newfoundland, which is one of the most gentle large breeds out there. They are great with kids, even little ones. Nana, the lovable nursemaid dog from Peter Pan, was a Newfoundland.

Nah, that’s a Saint Bernard, but also a very chill breed. :)

Ahh, I thought it might be. It was one of the two. Awww big slobbery lovey puppers…

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