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Arizona Working On YET ANOTHER Birther Bill!! When Will This Insanity Stop???




Without saying as much, Arizona officials are working on yet another birther bill. This is the latest of severalattempts by the state to try to prove the myth that Obama is not an American citizen. This time, an Arizona legislative committee is pushing a measure that would require presidential candidates to fill out an eligibility form before they can be put on Arizona’s ballot. The state’s Secretary of State Ken Bennett is behind the measure, whose spokesperson said, “There has been a lot of media attention devoted to this, so we wanted to make sure there is a standardized form.” The media devoted to birtherism has mostly arisen because of the endless attempts by Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio to prove that the President is not a citizen. Arpaio, who was a strong advocate for Arizona’s “show-us-your-papers” anti-immigration bill, has been planning to try to keep Obama off the 2012 ballot for nearly a year.

:::le sigh:::

+1 Arizona for introduction.

If you can’t beat: cheat. 

I expect to get a great deal of use out of this macro by the time the election is over:

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    I expect to get a great deal of use out of this macro by the time the election is over:
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    If you can’t beat: cheat.
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    Arizona is filled with racist idiots.
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    +1 Arizona for introduction.
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    It will end after he finishes his second term. We will be on a positive upswing and they will have no voice.
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    Arizona. Stop. Please, just stop it.
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    :::le sigh:::
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